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  • hip replacement

“Dear Dr. Leary

I wanted to thank you so much for everything! You made this whole surgical experience an amazing one for me! I never felt uneasy or nervous thanks to you and your staff at North Jersey Orthopeadic group. Everyone was so wonderful from making appointments, to taking x-rays, to the surgery itself. Leading up to major surgery could be a very stressful time for someone, but I felt so confident going into it because I had so much faith in you, and all involved. Thank you for your advice, your expertise, and your very comforting ways. It was all truly appreciated more than words can say. I am now 10 weeks past my surgery date and I feel incredible! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I will definitely be recommending you to anyone who needs an amazing surgeon. ”

Ashley Palmieri

  • ACL surgery(Twice)
Ashley Palmieri's photo

“Dr Cox has hands from God. I play Basketball at the collegiate level at William Patterson University.

I tore my ACL in my right knee my Freshman year. I then tore my ACL in my left knee my Sophomore year. I thought my basketball career was over. Dr Cox and Dr Marsella performed both ACL surgeries.

I then did 6 months physical therapy each time using Dr Cox's physical therapist. PT was exhausting and long and after Dr Cox cleared me to play it still took a lot of hard work and dedication to get my game back. I am now a junior at WPU and just scored a career high 15 points. If you have the desire and dedication to play sports again, Dr Cox and his team have the knowledge and skill to get you back on the court. Feel free to check my stats on the WPU women's basketball site.

Mary Lou Sodora

  • n/a

“You were truly blessed to receive this gift in your life and each and every day you use it to unselfishly help others.”


  • Bone Surgery

“Dr. Cox did an amazing job with the surgery and within a week I felt as if my bone was fully healed.”

Mike Collins

  • n/a

“I was also impressed with the friendliness and efficiency of the office staff. I arrived about 15 minutes prior to my appointed time, was ushered into a treatment room on time, and completed the entire appointment within 30 minutes.”


  • n/a

“Dr Cox is not only an amazing doctor, but an amazing man. He is so kindhearted, caring, and takes the time to explain things. He was able to correct a prior surgery performed by another doctor, and today I am pain-free.”


  • n/a

“He made me and my family very comfortable - took the time to explain my condition and the available treatment options.”

Fred Kleinfeld

  • n/a

“I want to personally thank you for what you have done for get my life back in order.”


  • n/a

“Dr. Dowling was very caring and took the time to explain the procedure - we felt very comfortable under his care.”

Bruce Fieggen

  • Leg Surgery

“In less than an hour he had straightened my leg, put all the pieces back where they belonged, screwed in a plate, sewed me up, and sent me home.”


  • ACL Surgery

“I had ACL surgery by Dr. Masella because he was highly recommended by another doctor - he will not rush you off and he will spend as much time as you want discussing any problems.”

Joseph Campisi

  • Traumatic Injury

“Dr. Gehrman fixed me up - what started off as a life-changing traumatic injury turned into something I rarely think about. To say I was in good hands is an understatement!”


  • n/a

“Dr. Masella told me exactly what my problem was and what he could do to help me. He also gave me stretches to do that would help relieve my pain. They worked, and I have no need to return for further visits. He is a wonderful doctor.”

Glen Molchan

  • n/a

“If you have any orthopedic issues, go to Dr. Gehrmann. With my work I can say he has patched up a lot of guys, and they are all well!”

Noriel Castro

  • n/a

“Their personal touch and genuine caring made me feel like a VIP. They had me back to cycling, kayaking, and fishing in no time.”